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2014-Aug-28 - Arctic from polar bear's viewpoint

Camera captures view of Alaska's Arctic from polar bear's viewpoint

The cameras are part of Rob Gronkowski Jersey a study to find out how polar bears, listed as a threatened species, are responding to sea ice loss from global warming. Scientists in the Beaufort are generally limited to about six weeks of field work each spring, between the time it's light enough to work and before ice begins to break up.

"It's all information that we wouldn't be able to get otherwise," said Todd Atwood, research leader for the USGS Polar Bear Research Program, from his office in Anchorage.

The collars were attached in April and collected eight to 10 days later as a test run of how they eventually will be deployed for longer periods. Cameras were attached to two bears in 2013, but the batteries could not handle Arctic temperatures, Atwood said.

Redesigned collars were attached to four Julian Edelman Womens Jersey females that already were going to be captured for blood samples on a study of behavior and energy expenditure led by USGS research biologist Anthony Pagano. The bears already carry collars with GPS recording data and accelerometers, an activity sensor that records whether a bear is resting, walking, swimming or hunting.

Scientists previously have matched accelerometer signatures with observations in zoo bears. Linking them with video clips of wild bears helps confirm the accuracy of the devices.

It's all part of an attempt to help scientists determine how Rob Gronkowski Womens Jersey polar bears are exerting energy as their habitats change, Pagano said.

With the summer thaw, bears either stay on shore or on sea ice. In recent years, the edge of the ice has melted hundreds of miles from shore, leaving ice far from the shallow outer continental shelf waters where seals and walrus live. Scientists want to find out, for example if a bear far from shore on sea ice is resting more to save energy because it can no longer hunt.

Atwood said the 38 to 40 hours of video from the neck cameras have yielded surprises such as the female bear and a male tussling with a seal carcass in what might be courting behavior.

"The Julian Edelman Patriots Jersey fact that they appear to be playing around with their food, we're not sure what that means," he said.

Other footage shows a bear pursuing a seal underwater. Polar bear hunting behavior generally is thought to consist largely of waiting beside a breathing hole or collapsing lairs of ringed seals.

The female at one point drops a frozen seal carcass in seawater and scientists speculate she's trying to thaw it out, Atwood said.

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2014-Aug-28 - Changing trends of hide and fold away beds in Melbourne

Sleeping trends has taken a steep turn in last couple of years in Melbourne. Hide and fold away beds have always been popular in Melbourne as a practically useful furniture item and therefore variety of designs has been launched so far to infuse versatility. People having space constraints use these beds as a sole solution to manage the space they have and these beds have managed to do it very efficiently. In fact, they have proven to be the best option to manage small space and unexpected guests.

With the ever demands and necessities of middle class society, hide and fold away beds in Melbourne have changed its pattern drastically. Unlike early days, today you can find several these beds in variety of designs, pattern and color. Traditionally, hide and fold away beds in Melbourne were known to be simply a bed standing straight lying on the wall with a Jerrell Freeman Elite Jersey spring to open when needed. They were surely very useful but not as comfortable as the conventional beds, neither they looked good when folded, giving a bad impression to the visitors.

All these drawbacks have been rectified in the modern hide and fold away beds in Melbourne. Several changes have been made to modify the concept. For instance, their look has been improved a lot to the extent that it seems to be invisible when folded. Moreover, the development has Darius Butler Colts Jersey been observed in the patterns as well. Unlike old fashioned standing fold away beds, modern bedding system come in sofa cum bed designs. These beds Jerrell Freeman Limited Jerseylook exactly like sofa when folded and become a full fledge bed when opened. They are available in various fabric colors and in alluring prints. It can be independently placed at any corner of the house. One can hardly guess that it is not a sofa but a furniture item to sleep.

On the other hand, carry away beds are also a new concept in the system. The attractive feature of these items is that they can be carried away where ever you want. They can be folded to the size of suite case, giving you the Darius Butler Elite Jersey ease to carry to long distances. Also, they look stylish that you would not hesitate to carry. Other than these, there are many other options that open up the several ways to sort out the trouble of space. Certainly, such variety and changing trend has broadened the scope for the people in Melbourne to make choice as per their requirements and needs.

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2014-Aug-28 - Corpus Pat McAfee Authentic Jersey Christi

Corpus Pat McAfee Authentic Jersey Christi Caller Cory Redding Womens Jersey

Special Coverage Back All Special Coverage Eagle Ford Shale Energy Effects Water Issues Best of the Best Memorial Coliseum Kemp Ridley Cost of Diabetes Building our Future Financial Fitness ZoneSpecial Coverage 427430080 Special CoverageCoastal Bend Oil and Gas Report: 06.24.14 There were no new drilling permit applications filed last week in Aransas, Bee, Brooks, JimTPCO rep: Prepare workers now for Gregory. Opening day for TPCO America manufacturing plant is two years away, but now is theSports Back All Sports Local Sports Islanders Javelinas Hooks IceRays College Professional OutdoorsSports 332679388 SportsHooks swept by Missions 5 4 Corpus Christi tied a season worst skid with its fifth consecutive loss.Hooks blasted at San Antonio San Antonio hit four home runs en route to an 11 1 win over Corpus Christi.Business Back All Business Local Business Market Watch National TechnologyBusiness 332680609 BusinessHospital District reflects on public meetings The Nueces County Hospital District board requested details Tuesday about how, exactly, theSouth Texas PBS builds at Del Mar College South Texas Public Broadcasting System's KEDT is building its new offices at Del Mar CollegeVivaCC Back All VivaCC Eat Music Calendar Arts Theater TV Listings Movies Comics Horoscopes Texas Lottery Social WallVivaCC 427388341 VivaCCDowntown Farmers' Market to move to La Retama The Downtown Farmers' Maket will move to La Retama Park in September.Caller Times' Best of the Best showcase Sept. 21 The Caller Times' Best of the Best Showcase on Sept. 21 will feature appearances from theOpinions Back All Opinions Editorials Columnists Forums Letters Pat McAfee Elite Jersey to the Editor Submit a Cory Redding Limited Jersey Letter to the EditorOpinions 332681325 OpinionsJimenez: Heed the city's rules, conserve water I'm fighting the good fight, as we all are now, on behalf of saving water.Jimenez: Superintendent search shut out public Here's what trustees haven't done: be transparent about how they have arrived at this point.Columnists Back All Columnists Wes Atwood Mike Baird Trish Choate Ralph Coker Murphy Givens Nick Jimenez Lakendra Lewis Alissa Mejia Matthew Waller Tom Whitehurst Michael Womack Phyllis Yochem

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2014-Aug-28 - Blue Angels fly over La Crosse Wednesday

with Blue Angel pilots 7 Lieutenant Ryan Chamberlain and 8 Lieutenant Commander Michael Cheng for the winter visit. cheap nfl jerseys

The Blue Angels met with Deke wholesale jerseys Slayton Airfest organizers and local law enforcement on Wednesday to work on the logistics of the shows on May 31 and June 1.

"We're very fortunate in La Crosse," said Ron Schmal, President of the Deke Slayton Airfest. in 2014. The Blue Angels will also perform in Milwaukee on June 21 22.

The Blue Angels were suspended on April 1, 2013, due to the sequestration, or federal spending cuts. Blue Angels pilot Chamberlain said the team is excited for their shows this year.

"We're hoping after some time off in 2013 that people are hungry, excited for air shows again," Chamberlain said. "We want them to come out. We want them to see us, see the air show, and reconnect with the United State Navy, United States marine Corps, really military in general."

Chamberlain joined the Blue Angels in September 2012 and served as the Narrator and VIP pilot in 2013. He's accumulated more than 1,765 flight hours and 343 carrier arrested landings.

Chamberlain and Cheng left Milwaukee a little later than they had hoped Wednesday morning, but Chamberlain said they made it to La Crosse in about 15 minutes.

"Today, they (pilots) didn't look for too much for what you consider an 'aerial survey,' Chamberlain said. "When pilots fly for what they call their 'circle maneuver' on Thursday, they do two hours of flights basically low level over the air field and that's where they get their check points and survey the area."

On January 23, the Blue Angels will spend eight weeks in central California for training where pilots will practice their show.

"We'll practice (the routine) 10 15 times per week while out in California," Chamberlain said. "We'll log 120 training flights before the first demonstration for the public."

Schmal said Airfest organizers are excited to have the Blue Angels back in La Crosse, along Cheap Jerseys with the other pilots and aircrafts that will be part of the event.

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2014-Aug-28 - Could A pick up future Big 12 foe because of SEC scheduling rule

The Southeastern Conference announced a tweak to its eight game conference schedule, beginning in 2016 when each SEC team must play at least one non conference game against a team from either the Pac 12, Atlantic Coast, Big Ten or Big 12 conferences.

The Aggies left the Big 12 after the 2011 season. They Erik Walden Elite Jersey have played only one Big 12 opponent since then, beating Oklahoma in the 2013 Cotton Bowl.

A has a home and home series in 2016 and 2017 scheduled against UCLA and 2018 and 2019 against Oregon. After that, it will be interesting to see who the Aggies will play.

Obviously, the series with the most sizzle would be the resumptionof the celebrated 118 game rivalry with Texas, the third most played series in college football history. But UT athletic director Steve Patterson again quashed that notion during an appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show on ESPN last week.

"I think the reality for us is A made a choice they felt was best for them to move to the Vontae Davis Elite Jersey SEC," Patterson said. "That's great for them.

"They've leverage that wellFor us there has to be a real business or branding case made to play anybody that we play with our football games given the way our schedule is structured playing Oklahoma every year in DallasUnless there really is a compelling business or branding reason, I see a hard time renewing that Vontae Davis Authentic Jersey rivalry in football."

If that's out of the question, could the Aggies look elsewhere in the Big 12?

Baylor is opening a new stadium and might have interest in squaring off with traditional rivals like the Erik Walden Authentic Jersey Aggies. When A left the conference, one of its most bitter rivalries was with Texas Tech. Additionally, Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury is a former A assistant who has shown much interest in squaring off against his coaching mentor Kevin Sumlin.

And if past history is any guide, OU has faced perhaps thetoughest non conference schedule of any major power. Bob Stoops would probably like to hook up with the Aggies if given the chance, as would TCU or Oklahoma State.

It will be interesting to see which way the Aggies will go with their non conference edict. They likely would have several former Big 12 rivals lining up to play them, along with the biggest potential rival apparently showing little interest in playing them.

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2014-Aug-28 - community grieve loss of Pat McAfee Jersey two

community grieve loss of Pat McAfee Jersey two children Cory Redding Authentic Jersey and their

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) UPDATE: Funeral arrangements for Renee Monroe have been released. at Woodland Park Baptist Church. at Heritage Funeral Home on E. Brainerd Road. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________A day about family ended in tragedy Monday morning at "Our Cory Redding Womens Jersey Maker's Acres", a 100 acre family farm in Catoosa County, after a grandmother and her two young grandchildren were killed in an ATV drowning accident. Investigators said Renee Monroe, 60, was taking her granddaughter, Reagan Cohen, 3, and grandson, Jaxson Cohen, 1, on a ride in the closed cab ATV when they drove into a pond and became trapped inside. The 911 call came in shortly before noon, said Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk. He said family members worried when the group never returned after 30 45 minutes, so they began searching the property for them. They found the ATV on its side, almost fully submerged in the pond behind the home. "Family members went running, extricated them from the vehicle and got them out of the water," Sisk said. Family started CPR at the scene, and EMS tried resuscitating them in ambulances on the way to Erlanger East. Shortly after arriving to the hospital, all three were pronounced dead. Kay Provonsha lives down the road from the Monroe family. "They love The Lord with all their heart," she said. "Just a deeply, God fearing religious family." Provonsha said she is "heartbroken" that tragedy struck at her neighbors' home, where there's a story behind the 100 acre property in the 300 block of London Lane. "My understanding is they bought many acres right here, and they could choose their address, so they named it 316 from John 3:16," she said. It's a heartbreaking tragedy, said Provonsha, at a place that's usually full of so much love. "It's just so sobering to know it can happen to anybody, and to happen to these wonderful people, it is just really sad." The accident is still under investigation, but Sisk said all signs point to a Pat McAfee Limited Jersey tragic accident. The number of residents voting this year across the state has increased from 4 years ago. More

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